Happy to meet our customers at ADVENTUR 2018 EXPO

Over the last five years, the international exhibition ADVENTUR has become the largest specialized tourism event in the Baltic countries. ADVENTUR stands out from other similar exhibitions for its unique event programme and interactivity – this is a place where new tourism ideas and guidelines are generated and the international collaboration and popularization of tourism services are promoted.

   Organized for the first time in 2013, the international exhibition ADVENTUR is the fastest growing international project organized by LITEXPO. Over the last five years, the number of exhibition participants has increased by 150 percent, the number of visitors by 80 percent, and the number of countries from around the world participating in the exhibition has more than doubled.

   In 2018, the ADVENTUR exhibition will continue to grow ambitiously and expand by adding new spaces. LITEXPO’s modern Central Building will open its doors to displays by exhibitors and will be occupied by foreign embassies, foreign travel agencies and the joint stands of foreign countries. The additional event zones Taste the World and Travel Cinema will be created for exhibitors’ presentations. A comfortable B2B space will be established for tourism business professionals’ business meetings.


  The theme of the exhibition ADVENTUR 2018 – TRAVEL DIFFERENTLY!

  Demand for niche tourism is growing not only in Lithuania but also in the global tourism market. Contemporary tourists no longer limit themselves to traditional places of interest and more often than not look for unique experiences and impressions – from wine routes or trails based on movies or books and interactive education programmes to extreme or solo trips. Therefore, ADVENTUR 2018 invites you to a three-day experience tour, TRAVEL DIFFERENTLY! This exposition is designed to encourage visitors to discover not only traditional but also new travel offers that are customized and mesmerizing, as well as new countries, routes and services.

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